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Tutoring Schedule

Once you register with VARC, you will be able to view available appointments thorugh the VARC Tutoring Appointment Manager in myviterbi.usc.edu.

Available tutoring times may change depending on tutors' class schedules and other acitivites. Be sure to check the Online Appointment System for the most current schedule. Tutors post their schedules 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time, so it's important to check the appoinment system early and often!

Course List

Click on the department name to jump to the courses for that department. If a course isn't listed, then we don't have a regular tutor right now for that course. But sometimes VARC tutors can still help you! If you need help with a course not listed, please email viterbi.varc@usc.edu with the course name, course number, and a short description of what you need help with.

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (AME)
Astronautical Engineering (ASTE)
Biological Sciences (BISC)
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Computer Science (CSCI)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Engineering (ENGR)
Environmental Engineering (ENE)
Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE)
Information Technology Program
Materials Science (MASC)
Mathematics (MATH)
Physics (PHYS)
Writing (WRIT)

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
AME 105 David
AME 101 Prem
AME 201 Prem & David
AME 204 Prem & David
AME 231 David
AME 261 David
AME 301 Prem
AME 302 David
AME 308 Prem
AME 309 David
AME 310 David
AME 401 David
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Astronautical Engineering
ASTE 280 David                 

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  Biomedical Engineering
BME 101 Andrianna & Joelle
BME 210 Andrianna

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Chemical Engineering
CHE 205 Joelle
CHE 330 Joelle

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CHEM 105a Andrianna
CHEM 105b Andrianna & Joelle
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Computer Science
CSCI 103 Tim
CSCI 104 Tim
CSCI 170 Tim

Electrical Engineering
EE 101 Andrianna
EE 109 Jordan
EE 202 Jordan & Andrianna
EE 254 Jordan
EE 301 Jordan
EE 330 Jordan
EE 338 Jordan
EE 348 Jordan

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General Engineering
ENGR MTLAB (General MATLAB help)  Andrianna & Prem

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Environmental Engineering

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Industrial and Systems Engineering
ISE 220 Sanjana
ISE 225 Sanjana
ISE 310 Sanjana
ISE 330 Sanjana
ISE 331 Sanjana
ISE 426 Sanjana
ISE 435 Sanjana
ISE 460 Sanjana
Information Technology Program
ITP 165 Tim
ITP 168 David
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MATH 125 Andrianna,  Sanjana, Jordan, Tim & Prem
MATH 126 Andrianna,  Sanjana & Jordan
Math 225 Sanjana, Jordan
MATH 226 Andrianna,  Sanjana, Jordan, Joelle & Prem
MATH 245 Andrianna,  Sanjana, Jordan & Prem
MATH 445 Andrianna & Jordan



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PHYS 151 Andrianna, Sanjana, Jordan, Prem & David
PHYS 152 Sanjana, David & Jordan
PHYS 153 Andrianna, David & Prem
PHYS 161 Prem & Joelle
WRIT 140 Merve
WRIT 150 Merve
WRIT 340 Merve
WRIT Grad (for graduate students) Merve
WRIT Help (for any other academic writing assignment) Merve